Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

We have a wealth of experience appearing in the local arbitration Courts and commercial Courts and representing clients in the mediations conducted localy. Our Services in this are include:

Dispute resolution
Commercial disputes;
Corporate disputes;
Disputes in the area of real estate, development and construction;
Disputes in the area of banking business;
Disputes related to competition law;
Insurance disputes;
Disputes connected with securities or investments; and
Copyright or other intellectual property disputes

Litigation and arbitration
Representing clients in court in connection with any disputes, including disputes with governmental authorities;
Representing clients before Russian arbitration courts and foreign commercial courts, including arbitration tribunals;
Drafting all the documents required in the course of legal or arbitration proceedings; and
Monitoring of compliance with court decisions or arbitration awards


Pre-trial resolution of disputes and mediation
Advising on conflict resolution issues;
Development of a litigation strategy;
Negotiating with a client’s counterparties as part of pre-trial procedures;
Drafting the documents required to make and implement decisions;
Assisting in making and implementing agreements; and
Assistance in the course of mediation

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