Гражданское Право (страны Сommonwealth)


  1. Deciding when a novel duty of care should be recognised in New Zealand;
  2. A claim for costs following an unsuccessful personal grievance claim
  3. ‘Dishonestly’ or ‘fraudulently’, does not mean ‘wilfully’ or ‘recklessly’;
  4. Is a mortgagor permitted to redeem the security by payment of the debt?;
  5. Mutual wills – the main principles;
  6. Determining whether the person is an employee for the purposes of Employment Relations Act 2000;
  7. Defence of honest opinion - the legal principles;
  8. Does the Minimum Wage Act 1983 Act apply to employees in receipt of a salary?;
  9. Employers’ justifications in cases involving personal grievance on the ground that an employer affected employee’s employment to his or her disadvantage by its unjustified actions
  10. Enforcing an Australian property order in New Zealand;
  11. Getting an award for costs against a legally aided opponent;
  12. Interpretation of collective agreements;
  13. The tort of Negligence
  14. Legal principles applying to applications for interim reinstatement;
  15. Listening to Children’s position in Family Law Proceedings
  16. Opinion: Botched Oklahoma lethal injection showcases 'abhorrent' practice
  17. Parents suing for negligent financial advice on behalf of a child
  18. Parents suing for negligent financial advice on behalf of a child;
  19. Reviewing a statutory power of the Family Court to make a recommendation to undergo a paternity test;
  20. Reviewing a statutory power to make or withhold a recommendation
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