International Business Structures & Companies


What we offer?

Below are some of the international and offshore business structures we offer to our clients. This list is not exhaustive and there are more jurisdictions and legal entities available. Please feel free to contact us for further information. (See: Contacts)

  1. British Virgin Islands International Business Company 0% tax on world wide profits
  2. England and Wales’s Private Limited Company
  3. New Zealand Foreign Trust 0% Tax for non residents;
  4. New Zealand Limited Liability Company (NZ LLC);
  5. New Zealand Limited Partnership (NZ LP) 0% tax rate for non NZ income;
  6. New Zealand Look-Through Company (LTC) 0% Tax for non residents
  7. Seychelles International Business Company 0% Tax on world wide profits; and
  8. Seychelles Special Licensed Company (1,5% tax on its world wide income)


Why Choose Simon Reeves Barristers and Solicitors?

We have an in debt experience in working with a wide variety of international business structures such as limited partnerships, limited liability companies, business entities registered in offshore tax centers, trading trusts and other entities. We do not limit ourselves to confines of one legal system and provide the high quality service within the timeframes required by our clients.


Having developed relationships with other professionals such as bankers, chartered accountants and valuers, we aim to offer comprehensive legal advice which, if necessary, would be linked to an in-depth knowledge of financial structures, practical aspects of finding finances, assisting our clients with getting safe and reputable banks working for their benefit and getting clear and professional accounting advice.


We are multilingual and speak Chinese (Mandarin), Russian and Korean which is an advantage when it comes to advising international businessman in their business. When it comes to the international company formation the timing of the legal advice is crucial to making correct business decisions. The compact size of our firm allows for direct contact between a Senior Partner and a client.

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