Company formation/ Tax optmization via Russia

If you want to minimize your corporate tax, GST/Vat and do not involve offshore legal entities directly we can help. Russian legal entities can be used, as either middleman legal person between an onshore and an offshore legal entities (which helps with your domestic tax agency) as well as the final destination of transfer.  Given Russia's highly ineffective, heavily regulated and outdates legal system coupled with the low professional levels of local tax authorities Russia is an ideal place for most commercial activities related to tax minimization and international financial transactions. It is a practical alternative to classic offshore tax optimization models. Our services include. 

  • developing a tax optimization model for you corporate/personal needs, with regard to policies of your jurisdiction's tax agency;
  • registering new legal entities (LLC'sBranch offices, Representative offices,  Joint Stock Companies and other entities) with the management and shareholding structure sutable to your needs;
  • selling readymade legal entities,  legal entities with trading history, with nominee directors and shareholders, and with opened bank accounts;
  • preparing legal documetns, accounting and auditng for your domestic tax agency and for the local tax agency suitable to your situation;
  • opening bank accounts in Russia and nonresident bank accounts for a Russian business entiity outside Russia.


Prices for a legal entity start from USD $2000. Prices for tax optimization models and documents depend on the amount and the nature of transfers. Please contact us for more.

We are able to register/sell a legal entity in various Russian regions, however what distinguishes us from other firms is that we can do it in the Russian Far East namely in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk which is better than registering in Moscow or St Petersburg in terms of local tax authorities, foreign currency control polices of local banks and a number of 0% tax regimes such as 'Free Port Vladivostok' and "ТОР" available for foreign businesses. 

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