Branch offices

Genaral Points:

Branch offices are free to perform all of a foreign entity’s activities in the territory of Russia.

Formalities to establish a branch:

  • The charter (or articles of association or by-laws) of the foreign legal entity;
  • The registration certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, an excerpt from the trade register, or certificate of good standing of the foreign legal entity;
  • The resolution of the foreign legal entity to establish the branch office in the Russian Federation;
  • The regulation of the branch office. General power of attorney issued to the director of the branch office;
  • Power of attorney for filing the application for accreditation on behalf of the foreign legal entity; and
  • The certificate from the tax authorities in the jurisdiction of the foreign legal entity's incorporation confirming that the foreign legal entity is registered as a taxpayer and specifying the taxpayer identification code.

All of the above steps are relatively easy to us and won't become an issue to our customers.

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