Our legal, financial and business experience is gained from working in a fast-paced, modern, commercially orientated legal and business environment. We are able to apply commercial mind with a business orientated approach to legal, compliance, licensing and tax support.

We posses multijurisdictional experience in advising a wide range of clients including small/medium businesses, investment companies, offshore legal entities and trusts, non-bank debt providers, investment funds, non-government pension funds corporate and private investors, developers and corporations on various legal matters related to:  

  1. Compliance with national and international anti-money laundering and tax avoidance laws and regulations.
  2. Development and implementation of know your customer (KYC) and customer due diligence (CDD) procedures for the businesses involved in the financial services sector, cross-border investment, import, and export.
  3. Development and implementation of internal risk processes in the area of conflicts of interest, anti-money laundering and other compliance requirements arising from the relevant jurisdictional regulations as well as advising on compliance issues related to the international investment vehicles such as exempted trusts, foundations and limited partnerships incorporated in Delaware, Singapore, Cayman Islands, BVI and other jurisdictions.
  4. Offshore formation, offshore transactions, tax optimization strategies, and asset protection strategies.
  5. Drafting, negotiating and reviewing various complex bilingual commercial agreements related to international sales of goods and services, mezzanine debt transactions and cross-border investment.
  6. Advising on practical legal issues related to offshore licensing laws (such as registering online casinos, offshore-based insurance companies, obtaining offshore forex licenses, obtaining international banking licenses and other issues).
  7. Providing legal, transactional, and regulatory advice on customs and the international trade law, export controls and sanctions law to exporters and importers from Eastern Europe, East and South East Asia.
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